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"Superb...  Your understanding of his character, the historical accuracy and your Hamiltonian attire all combined to give the students a fine experience of American history."     Richard Marold -- Director, Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center                                        

You did a wonderful job.  Your performance was superb. The dialog was fact filled, entertaining and you masterfully engaged the audience.   If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to mention me.

Thanks and good luck with future performances!

Doug Hamilton -- 5th Great Grandson of Alexander Hamilton

"Your work far exceeded our expectations...Your unique characterization created such a buzz...attendees are still contacting us to tell us how much they enjoyed the program"  -- State Library of Ohio            

"BRAVO again! Sincerest thanks for your great work....what I liked most were the poignant comments you made that stirred patriotism and pride in the hearts of those present.  You were most effective...and downright inspirational...I cannot think of a better tribute to you nor to Hamilton himself."    Anne O'Donnell -- National Defense Industrial Association -- San Diego

"I commend you for the excellent scholarship that your portrayal exhibited.  You were Alexander Hamilton that evening and held us all spellbound."    Mary L. Mashburn, Coordinator and Executive Director, The Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration - Colorado



Bring History to Life!


Alexander Hamilton was one of the most important of the Founding Fathers, perhaps second only to General Washington. While Mr. Jefferson wrote the brilliant Declaration of Independence, it was Mr. Hamilton whose vision and spirit continue to dominate the American culture and economy today. Our nation owes a debt to the good Mr. Hamilton that is as deep today as it was 200 years ago.  

A presentation by Hal Bidlack will bring Hamilton alive for the audience, providing a very real sense of the history of our nation's founding.  His portrayal captures the intellect, wit, humor, and humanity of this important historical figure.  

Presented in the Chautauqua style of scholarship and education, audiences come to believe they are in the presence of a Founding Father.  Almost immediately, they are drawn into the moment and ask questions, listen to answers, and ponder the great and small questions of America's birth.

          A photo of Hal Bidlack as Hamilton

Hal Bidlack portrays Alexander Hamilton in costume and in character.

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What is the Chautauqua Method?

The Chautauqua Method (pronounced "sha-talk-wa") has a long and proud history. Originating in New England, the movement was originally largely an educational enterprise, with traveling lecturers. Performances and lectures were often given in large tents, with citizens from miles around coming for an evening of education and enlightenment.  

The Chautauqua Method divides the performance into three phases. First, Hal will appear before the group in costume in the persona of Alexander Hamilton.  He will begin by speaking for 5-25 minutes (depending on the group) outlining Hamilton's vision of America.  His remarks will be tailored to type of audience and the event.  Following this portion, he opens the floor to any questions the audience may wish to ask.  These questions can focus on the time period in which Hamilton lived, or may ask a more modern question.  Should the question ask about the present day, Hal will use his knowledge of Hamilton to craft a reply grounded in Hamiltonian reasoning.  This question period can last any desired length up to perhaps 1 1/2 hours.  Following the last question the final portion of the Chautauqua begins, with Hal breaking character and answering questions as a scholar and political scientist.  These questions are also unscripted.

Modern Chautauqua is a blending of impersonation with scholarship recently brought to near-perfection by the great Jefferson scholar, Clay Jenkinson. Clay is the acknowledged master of Chautauqua. As a pupil of Clay's, Hal continues working to improve his Hamilton, and enjoys the opportunity to perform him for a variety of audiences.

Satisfied Customers Include:

The Smithsonian Institution

The National Museum of American History

The Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration

The Pennsylvania Association of Court Management

The Minnesota Humanities Commission

The Colorado Endowment for the Humanities

The Louisville Free Public Library System

Eskridge & Associates

The Just The Beginning Foundation

The United States Air Force Academy

The William Clements Library -- University of Michigan

American Foreign Service Officers Association

Great Basin Chautauqua

Nevada Humanities Committee

Glen Eyrie Conference Center

The Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center

Greenhill School -- Dallas, Texas

Parker, Colorado Public Schools

The National Defense Industrial Association -- San Diego Chapter

Fremont County Government, Colorado

The Exchange Club of Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain High School

Limon Heritage Society

Michigan Court Administration Association

Boulder City Nevada Chautauqua Festival

Lake Tahoe Chautauqua Festival

Colorado State Capitol Organization

The James Randi Educational Foundation

Michigan Judicial Institute

Michigan Association of Circuit Court Administrators

Hamilton College, Clinton NY

Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management

Big Arts on Stage, Sanibel, FL

Hamilton College Alumni Association, Reunion 2006

The Classical Academy, Colorado

The State Library of Ohio

Virginia District Court Clerks

Terlanto Wines International

Bethel College, Tennessee 

High Plains Chautauqua